Tulip Time Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

Be green and support Tulip Time's Environmental Sustainability Initiatives with our Official Conservation Partner, Holland Board of Public Works. Watch the video to learn more about Holand’s Community Energy Plan. Follow the steps below during Tulip Time to join our efforts. 

Recycle waste. With over 500,000 visitors during Tulip Time, be a part of reducing the waste that takes place during the week. Reduce the amount of non-recyclable products used personally at food stands or for store purchases downtown. Put all waste and recyclables in City fixed receptacles, navy blue trashcans, or Holland BPW wrapped bins in the downtown vicinity. Republic Waste sorts recyclable materials at their facility. Take a look at the materials they are able to reuse.

The Tulip Time run offers bins exclusively for water bottle recycling and compost. Hope College Sustainability Institute Volunteers will be helping participants sort their refuse on race day.

Reuse water bottles. The City of Holland has several places where you can refill a reusable water bottle in the downtown vicinity. Coming to watch or participate in the parades? Take a reusable water bottle instead of buying a plastic one to help reduce the waste of nearly 100,000 people in the downtown core. Access to free public drinking water are located: 

Look for  drinking fountain icon on our interactive map!

Rethink driving. Utilize the MAX Transit fixed routes and the Downtown Holland Park & Ride Shuttle to avoid traffic, parking and reduce carbon emissions all at once. Wristbands for unlimited rides during Tulip Time 2018 are $5 and redeemable on any fixed route or the shuttle. Click here to learn more about the Downtown Holland Park & Ride Shuttle and MAX Transit Fixed Routes.