Handicap accessibility in our community

We make every effort to provide an accessible experience for everyone. Our city and downtown areas are walkable and usable for people of all abilities. You will find many of our businesses go beyond the minimum access requirements and truly embrace the heart of a usable community. We have a transportation system that meets the needs of people of all abilities.

Parades: We reserve a number of accessible grand-stand seats for those with physical limitations. A wheel chair section is also available.

Venues: All of our venues are handicap accessible. If seating is required in such a section, please contact our office at 1-800-822-2770.

Downtown Holland Park & Ride: Downtown Holland Park & Ride is a program of Macatawa Area Express (MAX Bus), who is ADA compliant. Every shuttle includes a two wheelchair securement with 4 point system. Shoulder straps and lap belts are available in each securement area, with ramp. All shuttles equipped with bike racks. For more specific information, follow this link :

Restrooms: During the Tulip Time Festival, portable restrooms are located at Centennial Park, Kollen Park, Window on the Waterfront, GDK, the carnival and the Civic Center.

City Restrooms: Central and 9th, Civic Center, Herrick District Library (River Ave between 12th and 13th).

Parking: There is handicap parking available throughout the city of Holland and at the Civic Center.