Past Tulip Time Interns

Karly Fraeyman
2014 Event Planning Intern 2015 Guest Services/Hospitality Intern

“I am currently working for Corporate Concierge Services (CCS) in Chicago, IL. CCS places concierge in different corporate and residential buildings throughout Chicago. They also offer a network of concierge support such as vendor relations and concierge discount programs that I am able to offer to the tenants in my building.

Along with concierge tasks (restaurant and hotel reservations, discounted tickets, etc.) I help support the building management team by managing their tenant work lounge and conference space, and planning tenant appreciation events. Tenant appreciation events include Ice Cream Socials, Raffles, Earth Day Fair, Pop-up Shops, and Charity Fundraising events, ranging from 150 guests to 2,200 guests.

Working for Tulip Time as an Event Planning Intern, I was able to plan an event from start to finish. I had the opportunity to plan the Art & Craft Fair and Dutch Marktplaats. Since I was dealing with a lot of vendors, I was able to gain experience working with so many different people and trying to meet all of their needs. There were also a lot of rules that the vendors had to follow in terms of set up and tear down, so it forced me to be in a leadership position during those times.

During my second year with TT, I was working in the front office as a Hospitality/Guest Services Intern. I was able to gain and improve upon my administrative, communication and organizational skills during this time.”

Kara Rooks
2014 Event Planning Intern

As a senior in college, I was longing for experience in the events industry to verify that I wanted to pursue my career in event planning. After eight months as an Event Planning Intern, I was able to gain knowledge in the field of event planning through preparation, development, execution and follow through of multiple events. 

During my time as an intern I was able to:

• Enhance time management and organization skills
• Learn to problem solve and make decisions
• Think creatively 
• Improve written and oral communication skills
• Attend professional development and networking events

Upon completion of my internship, I knew that I had found my passion in event planning and in August of 2015 I joined the Tulip Time staff. Over the three years that I’ve been here I’ve been able to coordinate many different types’ of events that have allowed me grow as an event planner. I’ve found my passion to be in health and wellness events and have been given the opportunity to plan our Tulip Time Run, Pedal the Provinces and Yoga in the Tulips. Other responsibilities include managing our social media platforms and internship program.

If you are looking for an internship, I encourage you to apply to be a Tulip Time intern! You will gain invaluable experience that will help you grow professionally – and who knows, maybe you will end up joining the Tulip Time staff.

Amber Darsch
2015 Graphic Design/Marketing Intern

“As a graphic design/marketing intern for The Tulip Time Festival I learned many important skills that I have been able to incorporate into my growing career goals. I learned how to be a better organizer, establish and plan large events, create effective marketing strategies and merchandise with very tight deadlines. With these invaluable skills, I have been able to apply them in my new position working as a graphic designer as well as helping to develop marketing strategies for Monster Graphics. As I begin a new chapter in my career with this startup company, which is affiliated with Tiger Studio, I will be using my past experiences to help this company to achieve their many goals. I look forward to seeing what other skills I have adapted from Tulip Time that will become useful in the future as I continue to grow in my career.”

Annika Smeenge
2017 Event Planning Intern

“My time as an event planning intern at Tulip Time Festival was very formative to both my educational and professional experience. The work I did and was a part of helped round out my education in a real world way. I also gained experience in a real office environment, which has helped in my professional confidence. Because of the experience I had gotten and the confidence I had gained I felt more comfortable to put myself out there when it came to searching for my next job or internship. As a result I landed an internship with the West Coast Chamber of Commerce in Holland. As I finish my college career and look toward graduating in April, I find myself far more confident in my ability to find a job, and I know that my internship with Tulip Time has built my resume in a cutting edge way. Lastly, I felt like the work I was doing was my own, that I was a part of the Tulip Time team, and by the end of the festival I could see the end result of my hard work.”

Abby Conrad
2017 Event Planning Intern

As an Event Planner for the Tulip Time Festival, I learned the importance of community involvement. I witnessed the overwhelming amount of support from local community members and businesses that surround the efforts of the Tulip Time Staff. We as a community put forth a city-wide festival that hosts an estimated 500,000 visitors in the city of Holland, Michigan during Tulip Time. It’s pretty amazing! Heading into our 89th festival, we are proud to say that our success is thanks to the contributions of those in the greater Holland community.

I also learned how to plant tulips, which is really fun! (We have over 4.5 million of them!)

After my year as an intern, I was fortunate to join the staff working as one of the Event Coordinators, and in the last year additionally the Graphic Designer. Through my work as the graphic designer, I am able to communicate the story of Tulip Time; and as an Event Coordinator, I am able to implement the story of Tulip Time.

Hannah Rogers
2013 Business Development Intern

“As a senior in college, I was craving real-life professional work experience in my field and my internship with Tulip Time did exactly that and much more. I was in the forefront of planning a nationally recognized festival that attracts over 500,000 people all in just 8 short days. This internship has taught me how to be confident, troubleshoot problems, and make decisions on my own and as a team. Through my internship I was able to expand my professional network in the Holland community and gain professional mentors that continue to provide their guidance and expertise today. In the business development department I am able to connect with a variety of corporations that partner with Tulip Time each year. Managing these relationships and fundraising for a community such as Holland has been a very positive learning experience. Being part of the driving economic development in this community has been an honor and each year I can’t wait to start working on the upcoming festival for the entire community to enjoy.”

Amanda Dort
2017 Event Planning Intern

Securing an internship at Tulip Time was one of the most beneficial professional experiences I had while at Hope College. Besides contributing to my professional skills, my internship at Tulip Time was fun! While I was an Event Planning Intern at Tulip Time, I was able to participate and contribute new ideas in committee and staff meetings, take the lead on coordinating Tulip Time events and learn from the professional experience of my supervisor and other Tulip Time colleagues. The majority of the skills and experiences that I discussed in my job interviews were from my internship at Tulip Time. The interviewers were impressed with my experience, and I learned that the organization, prioritizing, communication and interpersonal skills I improved in at Tulip Time are important in any field of work. I am now employed full-time in my field of study and loving it!

Stephanie Eiler
2016 Business Development Intern

My internship at Tulip Time helped me to build confidence in my professional skills and abilities. Through my experience, I was able to take the knowledge that I learned in the classroom and apply it to the workplace. In my current role as the Marketing Coordinator for GMB Architecture + Engineering, I am able to easily communicate with high profile clients which was a skill I first learned at Tulip Time through my work with sponsors.